Vinyasa Flow Yoga

An energising practice with asanas designed to build heat and tone the body.
This flowing sequence of yoga poses equally strengthen and stretch the muscles to improve mobility, posture and fitness. This class includes pranayama (breathing techniques) to help focus the mind and closes with a deep relaxation.

Best for those with some yoga experience or beginners who enjoy a more fluid class.

Slow Flow Yoga

Slow Flow Yoga balances the physical and meditative power of yoga. This class gently builds strength, improves flexibility and calms the mind. This class is perfect for yogis of all abilities who wish to find a deeper connection to their body and breath.

This is a soothing practice with a focus on moving mindfully. Pranayama (breathing techniques) clears the mind and calms the nervous system allowing us to become fully present on the mat. We move slowly through a flowing sequence of yoga poses designed to strengthen the body and improve mobility in a way that feels good. We close the class with a deep relaxation so you can go on into the rest of your day feeling grounded and centred.

Suitable for all abilities.